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L.A. Ballet: Dancer Turnover

L.A. Ballet: Dancer Turnover

Published: 09/26/2011 by Laura Bleiberg in Ballet

If someone were to write a comprehensive history of Los Angeles' homegrown ballet companies, it w...

Dancers can tell us little about Picasso's dance art

Dancers can tell us little ...

Published: 11/11/2011 by Jonathon Jones in Ballet

English National Ballet's rehearsals alongside the Tate's Picasso show will be fun – but they can...

Reflections on Lifetime TV’s “Dance Moms”

Reflections on Lifetime TV’...

Published: 09/27/2011 by Lynn Trimble in Hollywood

Lisa Plumb, owner of Plumb Performing Arts Center in Scottsdale, has plenty to share on the topic...